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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

Dropping students work off at LSBU on the way GBE 3D View on the way ready for Vision London presentation
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To Do List Aide Memoir

Problems for Mark & Mike to resolve/explain?

Hi Mark or Mike I thought recording stuff here might be helpful.

Are there any limits in Concrete5 e.g.

Can a 'Where are you" tool be added to the sitewide header upper left, showing the path to the present page?
there appears to be one but I cannot get it working.
I have created something similar manually.

Long drop down menus are clumbsy so I am replacing the drop down menus with links from the first pages at the root of each of the menu items.

Can you take out some of the white space around the drop down menu titles to allow 1 or 2 more titles?

The news/blog report in Main Right top of Home page: it creates a long content rather than a summery with read more... button, how is that fixed?

The RSS button (was on home page) has some problems being used.

Once fixed is it a case of copying RSS to clipboard and pasting from clipboard to pages to allow reporting from anywhere in the site?

I have used a tablet (Apple iPAD 2) and found anyting with two out of 3 columns filled (middle column empty) the tablet shows the page with middle column collapsed. Filling the middle column should solve it i guess.

Can we have a 'sitewide footer lower' for some of the home page content?


2Mb file limitation is very restrictive is there anything that can be done to increase this?

Feedback from Sandy:

Rachael has given me the URL of your new site. Very impressive it looks too
- but you might like to do a cross-browser check?

• Attached is how it appears on Firefox running on OS 10.3.9 (BRM that view looks correct)

• Also on the iPad running iOS 6.0, the header 3 columns converts to 2 -
which has the effect of your group of 4 pictures turning into a column, the
list on the right overlapping, and the menu bar running onto 2 lines.

(I have changed the header content since this comment)

• The top search bar is partially obscured and doesn't work, though there is
another search facility on the same page which appears to work fine. Maybe
just use one of them? (BRM noted above) and replaced this

I havn't had the time to check other browsers.




Notes to brian:




Freebies list to add to: BRM

Topics List to develop: BRM

Title List to start: BRM


Try to eliminate reliance on drop down menus, they are clumbsy

Add links from Footers to CPD files

PAYPAL (not Express, it a new account) Created but not complete,

Accounts to link up BrianSpecMan: Nat. Green Specification Ltd. Natwest

Choosing Buttons: Mark B (completed?) 


Seperate file to be added: BRM 28/05/2013


Lists S to Y Services: BRM to do

Add VO5 is missing: BRM to do

GreenSpecCHECKLIST A to Z copy to GreenSpecCHECKLIST INDEX: BRM to do


Index started many to complete: by BRM


Complete: Global Imperative: By BRM

Paul B to update All 200: Now BRM to do

Add 600 more: BRM to do

Freebies list to be updated by BRM

All to be Sign In to download including Freebies (in template information): BRM to do


Started listing Places, needs completing: BRM to do


Review menus: To be updated by BRM

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
10th January 2013 - 30th August 2013