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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

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Dr Julie Ann Futcher

Dr Julie Ann Futcher

Dr Julie Futcher aka 'JuFu' 
M 07974 562203
Islington, London N1 3BU


PhD Architecture - Integrated Urban Energy Performance Analysis – January ’09 – April ‘13

This scientific publication based PhD establishes ‘the role of the urban setting as an energy management parameter’ by exploring the interdependent relationships between urban morphology, climate and regulated energy use.

The work presents a cross disciplinary approach to urban design, and demonstrates the significance of building and urban form on microclimate generation and the consequential impact on conditioning loads. In general the work offers a new perspective on urban scale refurbishment possibilities by highlighting the significance of design decisions outside the boundary of the individual building and their implications on the intensity of the various urban heat islands effects.

University College Dublin (UCD), Dept. of Engineering and Architecture – the Urban Institute - Dublin, Ireland

Supervisors - Professor Owen Lewis and Dr Gerald Mills

SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS                                                                                   

The Role of Urban Form as an Energy Management Parameter - with Dr Gerald Mills – Energy Policy 2013

Urban Form and Function as a Building Performance Parameter - with Dr Gerald Mills & Dr Tristan Kershaw - Building and Environment 2013

Energy Management at the Scale of a City Street – with Dr Gerald Mills [under review]

The Role of Urban Form Under Different Climates Zones - with Dr Gerald Mills [under review]


Ice Tea City - PLEA08 – Ireland, Dublin, November 2008

The Challenge of Refurbishing Recently Built Apartments - with Dr Patxi Hernandez - SB10mad Spain, Madrid 2010

The Influence of the Surrounding Urban System on Office Building Cooling Loads - PALENC 2010 - Greece

Ply Bamboo Shuttering as a Sustainable Alternative to Current Practice - with Marcio Haddad -Non-conventional Building Materials Based on Agro-industrial Wastes -– Brasil 2010

Managing Peak Cooling Loads by the Appropriate Application of Greening Facades – with Patxi Hernandez & Professor Lucila Chebel Labaki – ICUC’8 – Ireland, August 2012

Linking Urban Disciplines - ICUC’8 – Ireland, August 2012

Strategies for Upgrading Energy Performance of Buildings in Existing Urban Areas - with Dr Patxi Hernandez, ICUC’8 – Ireland, August 2012

MSc: Architecture: Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies - January 2003

University of East London/Centre for Alternative Technology Macunthith Wales – Thesis ‘ICE TEA CITY’ - The role of urban form in determining cooling loads for office buildings in the context of the daytime urban climate effect.

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) PART 3 - June 2002 – ARB registered - 068677H ▪ PG Dip (Arch) Architecture - July 1998 ▪ BA (Hons) Architecture 2:1 - July 1995 


Urban Form as a Climate Modifier - State University of Campinas, Campinas, Brasil – January 2011

The Role of Urban Climate on Building Performance - Murray John Architects - Brunswick House – London September 2011

'The Urban Heat Island - a beginner's guide for Architects' Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects in conjunction with Green Register of Construction Professionals and the Urban Design Group, London, UK, with Professor Michael Hebbert, July 2012


Croucher Advanced Study on “Urban Climatology for Tropical & Sub-Tropical Regions” Hong Kong - December 2011

UP2011 - Urban Physics Winter School 2011, Ascona, Switzerland - January 2011

WMO Inter-Regional Clips Training Workshop on Urban Climatology; Pune, India - September 2010



CityNet EU project – Marie-Curie Research Training Network (RTN) – Stuttgart, Germany and Dublin, Ireland Nov‘07– Dec’10

Part of a European based multidisciplinary scientific team for the development of state of the art technologies and methodologies to support sustainable urban design and energy management throughout Europe. The project team developed tools essential for successful integration of energy performance at the urban scale; these energy management and control strategies included consideration of urban climate, the optimization of the urban configuration, urban energy benchmarking systems, advanced cooling technologies alongside the distribution of both renewable electricity generation and biomass infrastructure - – my role was the design of the tool specification and to oversee the coordination of the various inputs

The Enpire Project (EU Funded) - Feb‘08-Oct’ 09

Here I worked alongside Professor Owen Lewis as part of an EU project concerned with sustainable refurbishment of existing urban areas in 7 European countries.  Our role was to disseminate outcomes (both successes and failures) to European planning authorities, whilst addressing the development of indigenous energy supplies and fuel poverty -

J3 Building Futures - Architect - Founding Partner - Islington, London – Nov ‘04 – Nov ‘07

A sustainable and environmental design consultancy, concerned with developing the built environment in a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable manner;

Living Architects - Project Architect - City of Westminster, London  Apr ’06 – Oct ’07

The design and development for both new build and refurbishment projects within the education sector; these projects employed MMC methodologies alongside renewable and low carbon technologies to achieved ‘high to excellent’ BREEAM ratings.

In addition I played a major role in the office to ensure that suitable sustainable materials and ecological building solutions where implemented wherever possible .

Kensington and Chelsea - Landscape and Environment Surveyor - Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) - the Town Hall, London - Sept ’02–Apr ‘06

The management of open spaces throughout Kensington and Chelsea; these included financial budget management of both response repairs and planned works, consultation with residents and local stakeholder groups in respect of the development and improvement of neighbourhood areas alongside leading in the initiation, design and development of many improvement schemes throughout the urban landscape within the borough, including the development of an environmental policy dealing with the sustainability of both the housing stock and landscape and environment areas controlled by the TMO

Burrows Cave International (BCI) – Architect (Part 3) City of Westminster, London - Nov '98 –Sept’02

Responsible for several major UK and international building projects and competitions entries; Projects included commercial, leisure and mixed use projects, master planning and urban design. Again this work included both refurbishment and new build projects

Benoy – Holborn, London - Architect (Part 2) - July’97 - Nov '98

Large scale commercial projects for new build and refurbishment schemes; my main role was the initiating of an in-house 3D computer visualisation department. This form of visualisation has now become common practice


Professor Owen Lewis – (Chair IGBC) Emeritus of Architectural Science at UCD Dublin

Dr Gerald Mills - (President IAUC) School of Geography, Planning & Environmental Policy UCD Dublin

Mike Irwin – (Director) Living-Architects London, W10 4BQ –

11th April 2013

© NGS GBE BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
11th April 2013 - 24th February 2015

Dr Julie Ann Futcher

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© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
3rd April 2013 - 1st February 2014

Dr Julie Ann Futcher
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DeMonford University
  • this work was an offshoot of the work I was doing with the CityNET (the team for JUFU's PhD), 
  • this was not my work but one of the other team members it is an offshoot but is regard to overheating issues in domestic properties, and from DMU, who I contacted to try and track down the CityNET tool (the one with the sliders) …. 
  • Just thought you might find it useful…

© NGS GBE BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
3rd April 2013 - 24th February 2015