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713 GreenSpecLIGHT NEWSLETTER January 2013

GreenSpecLIGHT NEWSLETTER  January 2013

It's the middle of January, we're waiting for a snowstorm to hit - and a bunch of scientists have rocked the LED boat with their dubious findings about LEDs ruining Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Business as usual, then.

But what will GreenSpec Light be up to this year?

Ecobuild: 5-7 March:

We've been acting as co-advisers to the organisers, along with Fenella Frost of PhotonStar Ltd, who are the major sponsors of The Lighting Village - a new feature of EcoBuild which will be showcasing latest in sustainable lighting technologies.

John Bullock will be a speaker at The Lighting Village seminars, as well as GreenSpec light providing information panels for the static displays in the Village.

LIT Expo - the online exhibition:

Part of the sustainability story is to reduce the amount of time and energy (and I mean that quite literally, folks) that we spend travelling about - occasionally to no obvious good end.

With that in mind, we were bound to support a new initiative that brings the exhibition hall onto your screen. LIT Expo is a new kind of exhibition that doesn't involve hours of travelling, then spending lots of shoe leather hauling around massive exhibition halls, only gaining sustenance from over-priced coffee and sandwiches. Here's a chance to wander around an exhibition hall without leaving the comfort of your office chair, enjoying the very best that your kitchen has to offer. Put it on the big screen and visit with your pals!

John Bullock will be providing regular commentary on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable practices, with the extra enjoyment of the occasional webinar thrown in.

How can anyone resist?

BRE: joint seminars:

Its early days for this one, as we're still agreeing dates for a series seminars with BRE.

One of the questions that come up all the time is the very simple, very basic, one of "why should we invest in GreenSpec Light Accreditation when no one 'out there' seems to showing any real interest in this CSR business?" Its a good question - and one that is best answered by looking beyond the lighting industry and into the depths of the world of construction, because that is where the driving force for CSR accreditation will come from.

The first seminar we're planning will deal with exactly this issue. We'll have speakers from BRE and BREEAM and also representatives of the CSR sector within the UK construction sector. A lot of work is being done behind the scenes to reinforce the Sustainability message being put out by the major players - but they are aware of the fragility further down the supply chain. That is soon to change, and we're already hearing of PQQs requiring not just an Environmental Statement, but asking what independent proof companies have that their CSR/sustainability claims are legitimate. 

The second seminar that's been mooted is to discuss the difficult subject of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The writing is on the wall for all 'green' products. Within a very few years every product so described will need to have the metrics available to confirm the 'green' claim. How does the lighting industry, with tens of thousands of products able to claim some kind of 'green credential', respond to that.

Other bits of business are in the pipeline but not quite ready for the telling just yet, so they'll just have to wait until next time.

If you'd like to discuss our CSR programme and how this Accreditation malarkey can work for you,

contact JOHN BULLOCK at
18th January 2013