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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

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© NGS GBE BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
6th December 2012 - 1st March 2015


During the 'Sustainability Revolution' it has become clear that we have not been making many sustainable nor competent buildings, because we don’t fully understand the physics of buildings and the science of materials, and we compromise between what we design and what we build with cost cutting, substitutions or value engineering, with low initial cost as the primary criteria for success.  Further degradation of ambitions occurs on site through lack of understanding, lack of care and poor workmanship. 

It's time for change, and this is the beginning of NGS’s contribution, it’s about developing a more detailed and joined up understanding of environmental design principles and generating detailed 'Appropriate Competent Environmental Construction' rules.

We have already got a name for it NGS CODE, its not a version of an EAM Environmental Assessment Method like DREAM, SPEAR, LEED, Ska, BREEAM or Code for Sustainable Homes, (some of which appear to be tick box exercises, that prevent innovation and selection of really green, low carbon, resource efficient and healthy products) but a CODE for 'Appropriate Competent Environmental Construction' which embraces traditional, modern & innovative methods of construction.

NGS CODE aims to bring together:

  • Design Principles in NGS PATTERNS; (started)
  • Highlight problemsn and promote solutions in NGS DEFECTS (started)
  • Organised into logical NGS MATRIX; (will follow PATTERNS)
  • Things to consider and others to avoid in NGS CHECKLIST; (exists, being updated)
  • Highlights and expose the untruths in NGS GREENWASH (started)
  • Data collected to help form NGS RULES OF THUMB; (to be developed)
  • Calculations determined to create NGS CALCULATORS (some exists, more to add)
  • Build links to the outputs of R&D, R&DIY and other sources of guidance in NGS LINKS; (exists, updating)
  • Building Elemental Sustainability Test in NGS BEST; (exists, to be formalized)
  • Building Elemental Assembly COde Number NGS BEACON; (exists, to be formalised)
  • Products Assessment Sustainability Screening in GreenSpecPASS; (exists)
  • Translation/interpretation of unfamiliar terms with NGS JARGON BUSTER; (exists, always developing)
  • Results in Competent Sustainable Construction to be found in GreenSpecSTUDIO; (exists, to be updated)
  • Bring this all together with a 3D walkthrough model to interrogate in NGS 3DVIEW  (ambition)

Collectively the aim is to find a pathway through the myriad of options, addressing local climate, component functions, compatibility of materials, resource efficiency, energy saving, carbon reduction as well as healthy buildings; to shortlist methods of construction and material choices that are appropriate to a site and 'Appropriate Competent Environmental Construction'.

NGS BEST informs GreenSpecSTUDIO an online design and specification tool; and will refine the ready made assemblies included there.

GreenSpecPASS informs the GreenSpecPRODUCT PAGES that GreenSpecSTUDIO interrogates.

GreenSpecSTUDIO allows you to assemble a virtual building in a day and an outline specification assembles itself.

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
10th December 2012 - 11th May 2014

If you don't know what's in the material 
you end up putting things side by side that don't like each other.”

RIP Neil Pepperell MD RIBA Liability Research Ltd.