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ECOCEM of Ireland's marketing claim:

ecocem.png Green Cement  "the world’s most sustainable building material"

NGS's Reaction:

‘Greenwash’, what evidence do you have for such a statement?

Whilst NGS promote GGBS wholeheartedly I could never say what you are claiming.

Half-truths and bad choice of words in places tells a very optimistic story.

When you tell the whole story then it is very different.

GGBS: Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag - Cement

EcoCem: The basis for such a claim is as follows:

Ordinary Portland Cement has a carbon dioxide footprint of approximately 900 kg’s of CO2/tonne

Our GGBS cement as certified by NSAI is 29 kg’s of CO2/tonne – see certificate here

Hence when you use our GGBS cement instead of normal Ordinary Portland Cement you save over 800 kg’s of CO2/tonne of cement.

Our cement is 100% recycled – no natural virgin/primary materials are processed in the production

Our cement reduces the production of harmful pollutants (similar logic to CO2 comparison)

Our cement reduces the energy used in the production (similar logic to CO2 comparison)

There are other savings

We are not trying to imply that it is greener than all materials

but rather that the savings achievable on a building are greater than any other material that can be practically used.

For example it may not be possible to replace a 20 storey concrete/steel structure with mud or timber but by replacing concrete made with ordinary Portland cement with concrete made with Ecocem GGBS cement you will typically reduce the embodied CO2 of the structure by 25%.

You will also get a structure that is stronger and more fire resistant.

If you use concrete made with our GGBS cement for bridges or marine structures you could expect to get a structure that will last twice as longer

– if a structure lasts twice as long then only half the materials needs to be used over the design life.

The statement might seem strong

but we believe that as concrete is the second most widely used substance in the world after water, that anything that reduce the carbon dioxide footprint of concrete by over half will indeed bring really significant savings.

I hope this helps clarify matters a little but I would be happy to speak with you about our message and how we might better deliver it

Kind regards

David O'Flynn BEng MBA CEng MIEI


Business Development Manager

Ecocem Ireland Ltd. Third Floor, Portview House, Thorncastle Street, Ringsend, Dublin 4

Mobile: 00353 87 965 4891       Direct: 00353 1 678 1804

Tel: 00353 1 678 1800             Fax: 00353 1 678 1816

@doflynn David O’Flynn

What could you justifiably say about this material?

I think the following are too long and may still need to be justified with some number crunching but they feel safer statements than your current strapline.

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy 31st January 2013 – 31st July 2013

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
31st January 2013 - 31st July 2013