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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

Dropping students work off at LSBU on the way GBE 3D View on the way ready for Vision London presentation
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This is to be a collection of applicators and installers (sometimes also suppliers) of materials with their contact details, for locating and contacting

We have a collection of Specification Appendix but we have not started uploading these yet, but they will start soon. 

They may become part of a bigger database in time when it will be added to a products materials suppliers & installers schedules

UK Government position:

Ther seems to be a mixed bag of responses:

They will Act to criminalise wrong doing, quite rightly.

But they are anti-legislation to drive change, improvement in standards or quality; wanting industry to police itself and for industry to drive change itelf.

The Construction Line website is described as a UK Goverment Certification Service.

Its use is entirely voluntary unless a project's tender documents require otherwise.

However in any govermnent funded energy saving scheme or carbon reduction programme like CRC, RHI, FIT, GreenDeal, ECO there is an obligation to use accredited products and accredited installers; previoulsy Clear Skies and now MCS provide lists of this approve products and approve installers.  No others are permitted within these schemes.  This ensures that the scheme is probably sound, insurable and responsibility for failure can be more readily pinpointed.

Thermal insulation, weather proofing and renewable energy are rigorously controlled, but it appears anybody can set up as a builder and do business without training or qualification in the UK.

Construction Industry

Industry is under an obligation to make a profit for shareholders, where all good intentions get second place in the queue.

Construction programmes force short cuts and can lead to inadequate installations.

Manufacturer trained/approved/accredited installers

Whenever you want to fit or replace a boiler or other kit and also when you want a particular product applied or installed, first consider a manufactuer's approved installer to do the work. They may be in the manufacturer's employment or they may be independent.

If there are back to back guarantees for Product & Installation then don't bypass the opportunity.

Don't be tempted to use a cheap installer to save money.

If an unapproved installer is unfamiliar with a piece of kit they may not install, configure and calibrate it to do the job efficiently and all the effort to find the most efficient kit may be squandered.

MCS accredited equipment and MCS Accredited Installers

We often hear objections to the obligation to use an MCS approved installer to fit MCS approved kit, on the grounds they cost more.

If they cost more its probably because they are better trained, know the particular kit and know how it is to be used and know how it needs to be set up, configured and calibrated to maximise its potential efficiency.

NGS Suppliers & Installers

G20 Carpentry/Timber Framing/First Fixing

G26     SIPS Structural Insulated Panel Systems

H11 Curtain Walling

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100,000 quality tradesmen UK wide for domstic work

You complete a form and they send details of 3 to match your requirements

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29th December 2012 - 21st January 2015

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A book to accompany their will be published at the end of September 2014.

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
29th December 2012 - 21st January 2015