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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

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Illumis Lights

Illumis Lights

Introduction (extracted from enquiry)

Introducing illumis lights, a specialist C&I LED lighting company, with ambition to become 'the' LED lighting specification site for lighting professionals.

We have developed a unique LED product search and select tool, which allows designers to input required or minimum spec information their project needs, and then returns the Best of the Best in LED products from a wide range of manufacturers. We then allow the specifier to prioritise these results by personal or project preferences, with the aim of truly offering the very best product every time.

A unique search number can be saved with every search, which holds  the spec (+/- products), thus reducing the risk of a designers specification being diluted further down the build chain, while also allowing contractors and installers to purchase the best products on the market (at the time of install) without the risk of dropping below the minimum specified performance criteria.

We provide only the best quality LED products, from multiple contract manufacturers, enabling us to offer the largest range of independently tested, quality-rated LED products in the UK.

Illumis combine a progressive approach to fixture design and contract manufacturing with stringent, on-going quality audits. We have numerous locally based employees across China and Taiwan, visiting potential manufacturing partners daily, and have QA offices based in both Shanghai and Foshan.

We have launched this week, initially with a view to attract OEM sales within the UK. During this time our specifier journey is being finalised and developed on the site.

Contacts: Dr. Ellis Maginn
Business Development Manager UK

Illumis Lights



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My initial reaction only for now….
Slow to open, (by todays fickle standards) but well worth the wait….. WOW.
Seriously clever, meeting similar design objective to CAP'EM COMPASS Building Product Comparison System (launching soon) and probably 10 times more SOPHISTICATED than COMPASS
Some serious data collection and data interrogation going on there.
Superficially I am very impressed.
  • I fear that this level of sophistication can leave the user needing to use their brain in ways that that may not have been asked to before.
  • They may well be presented with products they do not know.
  • More guidance may be necessary on the topic and scale of vertical sliders? similar to the horizontal sliders? Popups?
  • And runs a risk of leaving them with an answer that they cannot recall the question or substantiate or defend the answer.
  • The question and answers can be saved of course.
  • But if your system records the request, the results and the reasons for the results and prints them out then you have a great service.
  • There is a great leaning opportunity with this tool as long as its informative.
Since designers often choose a product by what it looks like, you may wish to consider illustrations only initially rather than shortlists with details?  
SpecNet (long gone now?) started with 1000 thumbnails of baths and as you made choices the number shrinks until you have 3 pictures of baths that meet all your requirements.
I would probably want to link my new website to it and include pages about it.
I have done it already I like it so much.
This is clever and if it is manufacturer independent its magical.
If it covers all the lighting products its a knock out tool.
The vision was great, the interface is excellently simple, the delivery has happened, congratulations.
Now it needs to be greened up some more.
I would be interested in doing the same for construction products taking CAPEM COMPASS a few stages further forwards.

Green Issues

Its not just about energy efficiency (but this is very important)

The focus is LEDs.

CSR or Corporate Sustainability

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
10th September 2013 

Illumis Lights


© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
10th September 2013 

Illumis Lights
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© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
10th September 2013