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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

Dropping students work off at LSBU on the way GBE 3D View on the way ready for Vision London presentation
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EU-Wide Green Building Encyclopaedia

EU-Wide Green Building Encyclopaedia


UK's GBE’s core objective

Satellite Project Websites

UK's GBE's Website Performance

Making a Difference?

  • Projects can get up to 60% co-funding if they demonstrate they can achieve a measurable change (=results) on the NWE territory in an economic, efficient and effective way.
  • UKs GBE exploits social media to engage with its target audience
  • Depending upon the scope of any project and its outreach activity it has the potential to attract, corall and engage its target audience.
  • Acheiving measurable changes is possible and the 60% co-funding may be acheivable.

Project Website Creation & Maintenance

I wish to promote NGS GBE services to your Interreg/LIFE/Horizon 2020 project as a potential consultant to create, develop and maintain your project and/or legacy website or previous website content to achieve the maximum potential and long term dissemination, engagement and change in the audience you wish to attract and influence. 

What am I offering to proposed or current project teams?

  • Optional services cherry picked from the following:
  • Firstly to take a project team briefing on ambitions of project, to determine role the website can have in these ambitions.
  • Introduce a marketing specialist to create a marketing campaign to engage your target audience in the most effective way; to bring your project to their attention; seek out potential subjects/delegates for project case studies, dissemination activity; encourage membership sign up, build a membership forum for discussions; encourage and facilitate adoption of your project ambitions.
  • Develop the website to meet project ambitions and incorporate marketing techniques to increase the traffic to, within and through the website to other relevant resources.
  • Robustly exploit social media to corral (e.g. create project focussed LinkedIn Group) invite and inform your target audience of new or updated content, to drive more traffic back to the website
    • set up queues to drip feed at set optimum times,
    • set up relays from website to twitter: followers and lists, to partners on twitter to their followers and lists;
    • set up similar relays from twitter, to LinkedIn, to facebook, to Google+, etc.
    • Interrogate the user traffic and obtain company and individual contact details of users
    • Incorporate an SQL database to generate the pages dynamically with RSS feeds to pages; the same content can appear in more than one place, but be created, maintained and delivered from a single source for consistent content in all instances.

EU-Wide Green Building Encyclopaedia

Develop relevant parts of your website in a consistent format:
  • Focussing on the project topic; as a topical satellite of Green Building Encyclopaedia
  • Linking to and from Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) being developed in the UK
  • Which I am hoping to develop into an EU-wide network with other EU funded projects
  • GBE’s core objective is to identify and promote ‘problems > solutions > solution providers’ these are developed as ‘6 Core Pages’: Manufacturer > Supplier > Installer & Product > Accessory > System
  • GBE’s core content includes: Jargon Buster, Environmental Checklist (New-build and Refurbishment), Design Guidance, CPD seminars, Specifications and a raft of other page groups (see list below)
  • Incorporate the neural-network technique developed on UK GBE website to maximise the number of page reads whilst visitors are on the website to enrich their experience, increase their understanding of any subject and enable better, informed decisions.
  • Receive project updates from your team, incorporate them as new pages, update existing pages, neural-network linkages into the website and linkages to and from GBE to drive more traffic to your site.
  • Train the team to add and update their-own pages in the same fashion as the remainder of the site.
  • Drive up your project indicators for 6 month and yearly and final reports to funding bodies
  • Monitor and generate website statistics to feed indicator reports for funding bodies.
  • NGS GBE site has 1700 pages and generates 100,000 page views per month after 500 days of monitoring
  • Your website with a narrower scope and less pages will generate less and a safe indicator target could be 100,000 first year, 500,000 by end of project (assuming 3 years) with aspiration to exceed these targets.
3D VIEW Interface
  • Develop a version of the 3D interface to interrogate the content and deliver relevant information

Legacy Websites:

  • At the end of the project maintain the legacy website for as long as you wish to or are obliged to (LIFE)
  • Keep the Legacy website alive with topical news feeds and partner news feeds, social media feeds from partners Blogs and Microblogs, etc. update and maintain the core content when information becomes available
  • During the legacy period copy the content of the project website and copy into the GBE SQL database and RSS drip feed into the legacy website and gradually replace the source of the information and re-establish the links.
  • At the end of the legacy period decant the content of the project website and copy into the GBE SQL database and RSS drip feed into the GBE website so the project has a longer life than disbanded project team can deliver.

Historic projects:

  • Previous project websites whose data still exists but no longer as a website can be recreated as part of GBE and integrated into it robustly so it can continue to have influence over a long period.

Who am I?

Brian Murphy, I am an architect by training, a specification consultant by choice and an environmentalist by action.

40 years in the UK construction industry, 31 years a specification consultant and 15 years with an environmental flavour.

Recent track record:

  • 2001 Launched (UK) NGS National Green Specification,
  • 2003 launched GreenSpec website website editor in charge
    • (2010: 1.2m page views/annum after 7 years, not enough must do better than this),
  • 2008-2014 CAP’EM Interreg IVB NWE project team member
    • (JTS: “one of our best projects to date”. “Want to do Interreg? Partner with CAP’EM”)
  • 2009 Added Scribd website presence
    • (2009-2014: 320 documents uploaded: 267,000 views + 2014/5: 40,000 views)
  • 2009 Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn presence; later added Google+, SlideShare, etc.
  • 2014 Launched CAP’EM Compass Product Comparison & LCA Tool in Lille France;
  • 2014 Build4LIFE LIFE funding bid, awaiting response (To continue the work of CAP’EM)
    • (Proposed to be 1st EU Green Building Encyclopaedia satellite with 3D Interface)
  • 2015 CAP’EM team to become CAPEM a European Legal Entity (to carry on CAPEM work) 

Current actions:

  • 2012 NGS Green Building Encyclopaedia test website
    • (1710 pages, 5% of 30,000 page anticipated content so far:
    • 1.38m page views after 17 months and 1m page views in 12 months)
    • Exploits human brain-like neural network principles to encourage engagement in all aspects of issues for better understanding and enable the making of better informed decisions; drives up page view statistics
  • 2015 (this month) commissioning new website:
    • New website core software from Concrete 5 to WordPress
    • Decant NGS GBE website content to amalgamate into new site
    • New URL closely related to ambition and link old URLs to new URLs
    • New marketing campaign input, to brief the website content and front end
    • Free user access, sign-up and newsletter, free content and additional paid for content
    • New membership and forum, membership payment, membership benefits: additional content for free
    • Larger files (from Scribd content):
      • 1000 PowerPoint seminars on Environmental Construction, Specification, Procurement
    • Video Content to explain parts of website or deliver some content
    • SQL database containing many environmental products:
      • Page Content & Schedule Content
      • SQL database using RSS to dynamically generate pages and schedules within them
    • Training so I remain autonomous to create and maintain all my own pages.
  • Crowd Fund Campaign to generate funding for rapid website development:
    • ambition increase current pace of delivery and reduce duration: 40 years to 5 years
    • Remaining 95% of anticipated content over 5 years 
  • Commissioning new software
    • Exploiting SQL database
    • Includes a 3D model of a building (or a series of 2D sections leading to 2D details and views)
    • In which every component is a target/touch/click point
    • Engaging with any component will interrogate the Green Building Encyclopaedia
    • Deliver all relevant content to concertina windows on screen
    • No more searching, the information come to you
    • To allow the user to explore the content and understand all the issues related to that component
    • To make better informed decisions
    • And target environmental choices

NGS GBE Page Group list:
(selection will apply to your project)

Supporting letter/email

Dear Sir or Madam

I am unable to attend the Interreg Project Lab on Wednesday 17th March, the registration is full and not accepting more delegates.  I had hoped to present a project proposal of my own which will have to wait until another call.

I have enjoyed working with the CAP’EM team on the Interreg IVB NW Europe project for the past 5 years and have a desire to continue with Interreg if I can, however with the demise of UK regional government as a major source of match funding it is increasingly difficult for micro SMEs to be part of Interreg projects.

I have a solution that allows me to be involved in Interreg and potentially more than one project; to help deliver better results for Interreg projects and the Interreg programme as a whole. 

I would like to offer my services to your project, as a consultant, to build your project website to exploit all your project inputs and outputs to the best possible extent, to facilitate the adoption of your project’s ambitions, by your target audience; and to robustly exploit social media to maximize exposure of your project on the European and global audience.

I will take a brief with the project team and offer a marketing expert to maximize the market penetration potential and have a website front end built to meet the marketing ambition; check it meets expectation, then working remotely populate the website with your project inputs and outputs and even set it up to enable and train the team to maintain it themselves once established.  I wish also to offer legacy and historic website upkeep and maintenance keeping it active and vital, after the project is finished to meet any obligations.

I have created a very successful test website Green Building Encyclopaedia during the last year of CAP’EM (1.38 million page reads (100,000/month, 1m/year) from 1710 pages and 18,450 downloads from 265 documents over 500 days) it exploits human brain-like neural network (hyperlinking all related pages to each other) so the user never has to search for anything, it all listed and linked in both directions on every page.  I am about to invest in a marketing facelift forcing a rebuild on new software core to create a modular website template that I can then offer to your project, selecting the modules to suit the scope of the project.

I have been discussing this website structure for some months whilst waiting for my final claim payment to finance it.

In the mean time I also have an ambition to bring together the results of many Interreg, LIFE and Horizon 2020 projects as part of an EU-wide initiative of my own.

This ambition is to join project websites as topical satellites of Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) which will potentially include your project.

My ambition is to create GBE here in the UK but I want to join in many other project outputs and rather than replicate them link them all up in a ‘joined up thinking’ kind of way.

Once any legacy period is over I have a plan to amalgamate project website content into GBE so it has a long life after funding and enriches an EU-wide GBE ambition; starting with CAP’EM as a test case study.

I have outlined a more detailed description on the attached 3 pages for consideration.

Please will you consider this proposal and consider my part in your project.

I will of course welcome a chance to meet and discuss involvement and generate the budgets needed for your bid.

I do hope you have a successful day next week and in the coming bids, with or without me.


Yours sincerely

Brian Murphy ONC, HNC Construction; BSc Dip Architecture (Hons+Dist)

GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia

NGS National Green Specification

ASWS Architectural Specification Writing Services

© NGS GBE BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
14th March 2015