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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

Dropping students work off at LSBU on the way GBE 3D View on the way ready for Vision London presentation
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CAPEM & COMPASS @ [avniR] 2014

CAPEM and Compass at [avniR] 2014

CAPEM end of project Conference

Els and Brian warmed the delegates up in the main conference,

The CAPEM side room was full, all seats taken roughly 50 people

Some speakers from the main show:

Sissy (from Agrodome) Fred and Brian posted example spreadsheets around the room, they were not noticed by most

We also post carded the chairs.

Chaired and introduced by Marie

Christian got diverted to schmoozing the politicians, Marie stood in

Olivier Rohas (JTS Interreg) gave us one of the best endorsements imaginable for our project team.

'If you want to do Interreg team up with CAP'EM

The best project team we have had up to the end of 2013

They worked together very well on all aspects of the project.

We would welcome CAP’EM all again'.

Brian then ran through EU policies evolution with a UK bias and industry response

Very little about LCA but all influencing manufacturer and material choice, the audience responded well

Fred Introduced the Investment buildings, with many new images, this came across very well despite Fred feeling ‘flat’ during the presentation, none of us noticed.

Han introduced Compass in great detail carefully explaining all the steps and outputs whilst Marie drove the live demo

Marion Sie asked a few questions about the decision to go ILCD route

Han & Peter answered her satisfactorily.

Peter looking and sounding very professional presented CAPEM Compass services to our potential customers and potential users.

A change of main conference programme meant no time for Q&As

I think we got off lightly again?

Marion Sie stayed and discussed opportunities for our data and offered to reciprocate data and suggested we put our data into the EU’s ILCD database

Sissy, Fred and Brian were packing so did not hear other questions.

Brian's contact from LSBU came out and said that was wonderful.

I thanked Olivier for his very kind comments as he tried to slip out of the room unnoticed.

If we have not done so we must formally thank him for that, it was wonderful.

Marie agreed with Brian in sending a formal thankyou from all of us to Olivier Rohas for his compliment to the work accomplished, during CAP’EM end conference.  

Marie already thanked Olivier Rohas by phone and he told her that it really reflected how he feels about CAP’EM.

Sissy from Agrodome photographed the whole affair. 

CAP’EM was also mentioned by Christian when closing the [avniR] conference.


It all seemed to go down very well,

We all came away feeling like it had been a great success.

We had a long afternoon/evening chill out with a drink and a meal before departing in all directions.

Han went for a final run with Marie.


We hope Build4LIFE brings us back together soon.

PEF will connect us till then.

CAPEM EU legal entity will help to keep us going.

And our first commission as CAPEM is landed!

Sissy is a bright new member of Agrodome team, strong personality, it will be nice to work with her in future.


Brian brought Andrew a copy of the conference book (seminars and posters) which Brian has to say is such an excellent idea of the organisers.

Brian connected with 1st day 3rd speaker from London South Bank University and we were encouraged to try to make another Interreg project by Olivier.

Brian will go there to present CAPEM Compass to her product design students.

We will brainstorm to see if there is a project to be done.


From Marie:

The presentations you can download on the Build4life dropbox file” [avniR Congress] CAPEM Présentations”.

Thank you all for your participation, team awesome!

I discovered several feedbacks in my mail box this morning:

Tiago Cruz, Environmental Engineer  | Corporate Environment and Standardisation| AGC Glass Europe | LLN Headquarters | asking for information about Belgian EPDs redirected to Els and Peter

Axel Roy from codde veritas offering an external review of all our CAP’EM LCAs and tool

Olivier Colleaux asking for information about CAP’EM (CETIM- Pôle Performance Industrielle Durable)

You can notice compliments:

« J'ai assisté à l'ensemble de vos présentations hier, et je tenais tout d'abord à te remercier pour leur qualité, leur intérêt et la bonne humeur ressentie. 
Le projet est vraiment abouti et c'est très intéressant d'avoir pu suivre son évolution »

« En me tenant à ta disposition, je te souhaite un très bon week-end et te félicite toi et toute l'équipe pour ce beau projet. »

« Ces présentations étaient très intéressantes »

Marion Sié told us about including our data in the EUropean ILCD database. This is really heavy work, but good opportunity for CAPEM popularity. To discuss too in December?

© CAPEM team awesome
19th November 2014

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