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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

Dropping students work off at LSBU on the way GBE 3D View on the way ready for Vision London presentation
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GBE News Current 2015 Q2

1453: NGS NEWS 2015 Q1 (archive)
1569: GBE NEWS 2015 Q2 (this page)
1660: GBE NEWS 2015 Q3 (Future)
1661: GBE NEWS 2015 Q4 (Future)

GBE NEWS April 2015

1: Attended #GreenBIM conference Leeds

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2-8: #GreenBuildingEncyclopaedia
Chosen logotypes and now ready to go live

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2: Updated 1382: JARGON BUSTER Theme: BIM

2: Invited to be interviewed by Ben Adam-Smith for a podcast by House Planning Help 

3-8: GBE COLLABORATOR price bands & scopes

4: New page after GreenBIM event 1735: NGS BRIEF

7: SI2020: Meeting with Eric Van der Kleij, Level 39, Technology Accelerator, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf in connection with Horizon 2020 bid.

8-9: GBE COLLABORATOR Quotation for Val-U-Therm

9: GBE LOGO latest images

10: SI2020 Proposal writing

10: Gordon Dadds: Tech Roundtable
Introduced GBE's avoidance of SEO and use of neural network and 1m page views in 12 months which generated a lot of interest and business card exchanges

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 2nd EU LCA workshop png Nice 2015

13-15: Booking place at NICE LCA Conference
BrianSpecMan speaking twice about CAPEM Compass in Sessions 2 & 3 on 30th April
prepared and issued 2 No. 300 word summery of presentations

CAPEM Compass Logo jpg


14: TGR CPD Seminars
Proposed 5 topics to be shortlited to 3 to offer to TGR Seminars 

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15: CD2E's EcoBuild 2015 tour delegates
wishing to enter UK market with products
Seeking GBE guidence on Certification options
Sent outline of possible presentations
Added Euros calculator rows and sent GBE COLLABORATION option bands

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16: Update GoogleDoc GBE Marketing Stratergy
Nigel Temple conference call
Set up GBE MailChimp account
Set up GBE twitter account

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16: SI2020 Horizon 2020 EE05 call: Proposal development including ambition to develop GBE EXPERT system to assist home owner/occupiers to choose between Energy Efficiency retrofit measures.

17: Develop GBE Homepage text
SEO Long Tail Keyword Phrases
Set up GBE PayPal Account 

19: Planning meeting with Archisan to plan Presentation for Vision London on GBE 3D VIEW

2nd EU LCA workshop png Nice 2015

20: Nice LCA Conference Papers Deadline
21: Completed 2 presentations and PDFs
Emailed to Event Organiser

21: Commissioned Forest & Design
GBE Expert Logo (based on below)
Tileable GBE Logo
Bouwboulervard website GBE page

GBE Expert Logo PPT 3 png 

21: Reviewed Home Page text after marketing once over
Issued CV/Biog/Profile for marketing make over 

The Marketing Compass logo png

22: Marketing Compass Nigel Temple meeting London

22: SI2020 Conference call with Oxford Brookes
Proposal writing continues 

22: Earth Day
Ambition 1 billion Trees/Seeds Planted today

23: SI2020 Meeting Community Group FRF

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24: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214

24: SI2020 Proposal Writing and Budgets

28: SESSIG KTN meeting

Ska EAM Logo png

28: Ska HE Higher Education, Styles & Wood Group and PPG meeting re low VOC paints

2nd EU LCA workshop png Nice 2015

29-30: LCA Convention, Nice, France
BrianSpecMan speaking in workshops 2 & 3

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© GBE NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd May 2014 - 21st April 2015

GBE NEWS May 2015

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

1: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214
Student showed the GBE in-use Energy and carbon calculator applied to the Crystal building in the London Docklands.

GBE Whole Building EE EC SC Calculator png

1-5: Developing Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon and Sequestered
Carbon calculator into a simpler 1 page whole building calculator

GBE expert Logo 40 EXPERT png

1: Forest & Design produced some variations on the GBE Expert System Logo for consideration 

6: Gyvlon Gypsum Screeds visit
GBE ECHO confirmation of Manufacturers Self-declaration to ISO 14021


LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

8: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design 10am-12am T214

8: GD Tech Round table and met Virtual Viewing potential collaborator on Calculator APPS

8: Learning without Borders Retrofitters proposal development

12: Invited to Barriers & Drivers towards a more Sustainable & Profitable Cement Industry: a Roundtable Event @ Cardiff University

I will write a blog on the proceedings at eh weekend

13: Learnng without Borders developing Retrofitter proposal

13: Meet met client with materials and offgassing sensitivity, living with in pretty horrible sounding house with problematic plumbing and ventiation systems, needing help and wanting to build a healthy building to live in.
Giving guidance and trying to help resolve the issues. 

GBE Whole Building EE EC SC Calculator png

14: U value, Energy in use, Carbon in use, Embodied Energy, Embodied Carbon and Sequestered Carbon calculator and other whole building calculators downloaded 125 times since loaded 1st-5th May

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14: Meeting with Archisan to plan Presentation for Vision London on GBE 3D VIEW

14: Meeting eToolGlobal (Australian LCA tool)
Edith Colomba facilitating meeting
CAPEM data on offer.

CAPEM Compass Logo jpg

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

15: LSBU PGDiploma Energy & Resource Efficiency in Design
All day reviwing student report hand-ins

Vision 2015 logo png

16-20: GBE 2D VIEW Storyboard development into PowerPoint for Vision Exhibition

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16-18: BLOG Cement Sector Meeting

Vision 2015 logo png

20: VISION London Presentation deadline met but needs more images

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20: Blog Tile Samples update and send to NT @ Marketing for comment 

LSBU Logo Image pngLSBUlogo.png

20-21: LSBU Students submission review marking,
scoring roughly 50% fails to be sure of scores:
31%-48% (pass mark 50%)
Marking PDF submission
Score sheet to Uni Head of course

Vision 2015 logo png

21: Adding images to Presentation 


22: TGR Steering group Meeting with new Chairman

28: Meet Zac Grant re rekindling MOBS website

© GBE NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd May 2014 - 21st May 2015

GBE NEWS June 2015

2-3: June 2015

Vision 2015 logo png

Vision London 2015

The marketing half of the previous owners of EcoBuild

Promoting Innovation in Sustainable Development

Olympia London

BrianSpecMan Presenting a seminar about GBE ambitions

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23: Government & Public Sector Show Excel London

© GBE NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
2nd May 2014 - 4th April 2015