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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

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TGR SBS The Green Register Sustainable Building & Services 2-day course

SBS Sustainable Building & Services

Are you…

  • confused about Government sustainable construction legislation and how it affects your company?
  • keen to learn how sustainability can help to meet your business priorities?
  • looking for independent, high quality training on sustainable construction practices?

Sustainable construction is no longer viewed as an ‘alternative’ method of building, and is increasingly being considered a fundamental approach to the way we design and construct our buildings. There is a great deal to learn and with new legislation being introduced at an ever-increasing pace, the challenge is to keep abreast of new developments and remain competitive.

The Green Register’s highly commended Sustainable Building and Services two-day course has been perfected over the past twelve years to become one of the best ways to get up to speed with all the essential issues surrounding sustainable building practices. Completion of this two-day course enables you to apply for Green Register membership which has a host of benefits in itself, including substantial discounts on all Green Register courses.

Day One – an overview
A comprehensive look at all aspects of sustainable construction, from Relevant Sustainable Construction Legislation including the Green Deal, Sustainable Water Use in the UK through to Low Carbon Technologies, allowing you to take away a greater understanding of what works and what is just eco-bling.

Day Two – in-depth sessions
The second day provides an ideal opportunity to learn about subjects that are relevant to your profession and skills, choosing four workshops from a range of topics. These 90 minute sessions are at the advanced level and topics range from Breathing Construction in Detail, Specifying Sustainable Timber and Rainwater/Greywater Systems offering something for every discipline.

What do the delegates say?

“Excellent - confirmation of existing knowledge and lots of new information”
Tom Robbins, Pearce Bottomley Architect

"Excellent information, facts and the chance to discuss topics, especially in Day 2"
Anna Kalnars, Infinite Design Devon

“The tutors were open about the fact that there are different approaches and thinking around”
Constanze Von Unruh, Constanze Interior Projects Ltd

“Both the SBS 2-day course and the SBS Masterclasses were very well organised and provided good, current and applicable information. I have certainly broadened my knowledge in the area of sustainable design and specification which will filter through to all the projects than run through this practice from now on.”
David Callin, Cowan Architects

NEW - RIBA Advanced CPD status
When this course is combined with our Sustainable Building & Services Masterclasses 1-day course, these three days of training carry RIBA Advanced CPD status.

Advanced CPD refers to specialisms or demonstrable expertise which an architect could use to market to clients or employers, as career development, or to be on a specialist list.

The three days of training have also been assigned the following topics from the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum:

  • Compliance – legal, regulatory and statutory framework and processes
  • Designing and building it – structural design, construction, technology and engineering
  • Climate – sustainable architecture
  • Context - the historic environment and its setting

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SBS Sustainable Building & Services





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SBS Sustainable Building & Services
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Sustainable Building & Services Masterclasses

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
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