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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

Dropping students work off at LSBU on the way GBE 3D View on the way ready for Vision London presentation
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Since the launch of NGS National Green Specification in Nov ‘01 BrianSpecMan has prepared 800+ PowerPoint files in 30+ topic areas related to Sustainable Construction, Design and Specification which in various combinations makes up a large CPD programme.

NGS run CPD seminars on this wide range of topics and if asked will create others on new subjects or with a particular bias for particular audiences.

NGS are now offering to run seminars to public, students and professionals; in offices, colleges and universities; at local meetings, seminars and conferences; in Architecture centres or as part of training courses.

Audiences have so far included, Public, Societies, Architects, Landscape Architects, Exhibition Designers, Interior Designers, Structural and Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Planners, Students, Manufacturers, Constructors and mixed Conference or Workshop audiences.

GreenSpec have delivered seminars on behalf of or with collaborating organisations including: TGR 'GreenRegister' AECB, ASBP, EcoSys, RIBA, RICS, RTPI, CIOB, EnviroCenter, EA, Envirowise, BRE, WRAP, BSRIA, Specifiers' Design Forum, SmartLIFE, SusCon, SMART, CAP'EM to name a few.

University Course Lectures: NGS has also developed additional material for Univeristy courses from BSc to MSc level.


For two years NGS CPD and other files have been available to download from SCRIBD website, with over 239,201 reads it is clear that there is a demand for these files so now we are moving them onto a NGS National Green Specification website.

NGS website is now delivering PDF versions of its many CPD papers to enable individuals to download and read files in their own time, they will be very low cost to encourage many to download, read, learn and change habits. Whilst being low cost the revenue created will allow us to convert more and load them up for use.


If you have a class or course NGS are interested in speaking.

Contact details and costs are set-out below.


GreenSpec has most presentations on PowerPoint and some older ones in 35 mm. slides, older still on OHP,

GreenSpec has its own laptop, LCD projector, 35 mm. projector and extension lead, so are autonomous if you have an audience, room with a flat clear wall and some sun shading and 13 Amp power supply sockets.

GreenSpec does not have an OHP projector.


Presentations would ideally be 1 to 2 hours, half or whole day.

COSTS: 2012/13 all subject to VAT

GreenSpec has to be financially viable and so charges for travel & speaking time and travel expenses.

Universities events fee negotiable: day fee and travel expenses or PAYE

GreenSpec is based 80 miles north of London, uses public transport but avoids planes, whenever possible/practical.

Day rate of £250+Fares+VAT for 1 hour in London and beyond

Day rate of £350+Fares+VAT for venues with over 3 hours travelling time to venue.

A half day presentation session: £350+Fares+VAT

Whole day presentation session: £500+Fares+VAT

Depending on your location travel time may prevent whole day event or will incur accommodation and subsistance costs. 

Bespoke material

NGS have many subjects in its extensive collection (800+ PowerPoint files) if the subject is covered there will be no additional charge.

See: NGS LECTURES subjects.

NGS always updates its presentations each time it is to be shown, at NGS's expense.

NGS don't normally charge for creating new material since it all helps to develop useful topics that may be of interest to other audiences too.

New bespoke presentations to your brief will incur costs for research and preparation time.

Creating whole new courses are not included, time charges will apply.

Course homework:

Setting, receiving and marking homework assignments will be charged for £25/Hour


We Organise and run Conferences and Workshops: £500-£2500 depending on topics and event duration.

Event promotion via websites and emailing and collaborative organisations mailing.


© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th December 2012 - 15th April 2014

Past Recipients:

Events have included those run in association with or by:


Centre of Alternative Technology CAT:


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NGS launch,

Building Course 7 lectures of many aspect of waste and recycling

MSc Sustainable Construction Course: Introduction to NGS

Kingston University:

Applied for part time post, lecturing, studio, organising visits, etc. (apparently the post Bill Dunster had held)

Turned down without interview (reason: no prior academic experience)

Recycled by Design Conference at Salford’s Lowry Building: Recycled materials and Construction

TGR The Green Register SBS Sustainable Building and Services

Barriers and Successes in Sustainability to Architecture and Landscape Architects Students and local practices

Cardiff University

MSc Student Course Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design
Reporting to and delivering seminars on behalf of Paola Sassi & Julie Gwilliams

Studio Crits with Adam Sharr, Paola Sassi & Julie Gwilliams

LSBUlogo.pngLSBU Logo Image png

London Southbank University ’06-‘08

MARU Medical Architectural Research Unit Performance Design & Specification

Architecture Part 1, Year 2, Full time: Design Crits, Green & Construction Technology Tutoring

Architecture Part 1, Part time Year 3 and Full time Year 2: Technology & Environment 2 Lecture series

Advising Faculty members on Sustainable Policy, Strategy and Implementation

Architecture Part 2, Year 1, part time & Full time Technology & Environment 2 Lecture series

Enf of year Portfoilo marking
Project submission marking 

Sheffield Hallam University Architectural Technology students, ‘06 & ‘07

Lecture on GreenSpec Green Building Specification

Lecture on Specification methods

Crits of Students PowerPoint files: Building Element material specification

College of Estate Management Reading University

Sustainability and the Built Environment workshop ‘08

The launch of the Life Long Learning programme, requested by the college Alumni

Global Imperative to Materials Choices

Prepared Refurbishment of Commercial Buildings

London Metropolitan University

Responsible Furniture Design Lecture

Leeds College of Building

Industry and Academia advisory panel on Built Environment Sustainability Modules

Brainstorming 5 module syllabus

College of Estate Management Reading University

First Training Module: Green Specification 

University of West of England 2010

Part 3: Specification and Liability lecture 

LSBUlogo.pngLSBU Logo Image png

London Southbank University 2010-2014

Architecture Part 2, Year 1, Full time: Environmental Technology lecture series

Architecture Part 1, Part time Year 2 and Full time Year 1:

Environmental Technology lecture series supporting Studio and Design Crits,

1380: LSBU 2014

Westminster University London

BUILD UP: TGR SBS workshop for unemployed and under employed Architects 

University of East London

Studio Crits and turtoting

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2014 March

24-29: Cambridge University IDBE Master's Programme
Invited to propose and later prepare 2 Hours on Materials for and approaches to historic refurbishment/demolition
Cambridge University Newham College buildings.
Project extended to Joint Couse Leader with ian Cooper: lectures, project briefing, site visits surveys, guidance and progress reviews. final project reviews and comment.

24: BrianSpecMan Need for Retrofit: Global Context

24: BrianSpecMan Construction Materials Workshop

IDBE Logo png



Kent CC & Business Link Kent SusCon Sustainable Construction Academy

KCC, SusCon and RIBA SE Retrofit training Programme Spring 2010 and Autumn 2010

Submission of topic for potential seminars: What makes a Material Green?  

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th December 2012 - 15th April 2014


See separate feedback from CPD attendees and organisers

Paola Sassi course leader at Cardiff University MSc in Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design:

Brian, Thanks for coming and getting the students all worked up, it was great! 

Darren Woodhouse Student on Architectural Technology Course AT4 Sheffield Hallam University:

Thanks for the lecture on GreenSpec it really has changed the way that I will spec projects in future very impressive, and be advised we were in awe afterwards of your technical knowledge during our student presentations of materials and their specifications, truly impressive.

At the same time has given me new impetus to carry on developing sustainable cellulose - based product that I have had on the blackboard for a few years now - hopefully one day you’ll select it for GreenSpec!

Rick Alston Student on day release at University of Central Lancashire and HPA architects in Lancaster.

I found your talk very interesting (if a bit of an 'eye-opener') although it has galvanised me into focusing on this area, I am 23 years old so I am sure this is going to be a huge topic in my professional life.

London South Bank University RIBA Part 1 Full time Part 1 Year 2 & Part time Part 1 Year 3

Michael Robins tutor 2006/07/08:

Yesterday was beyond the call of duty, thank you so much.

Robert Hankey Part time Part 1 Year 2 2006/07:

Hi Brian I've just finished the second year at South Bank Uni - handed in my portfolio yesterday.  I just wanted to send my thanks for all your help, information and enthusiasm with our last project.  It was great to talk to someone who really knew the ins and outs of green design/building.  I was really inspired.

Students 2007/08 London South Bank University RIBA Part 1 Full time Year 2 & Part time Year 3 (12 lectures) (112 registered only 86 turned up)

Massimiliano ‘Max’ Caristo Full time Part 1 Year 2:

Excellent speech ... thanks!!  Unfortunately there is just two hours a week for us to be with you and enjoy the lesson!!

I've got to say that I agree with you when you ask us to be successful and aim to achieve hundred per cent in attending your course and understanding in full your briefs. However, despite I put few hours doing my PowerPoint presentation and sending them to you few days before the dead-line, I found my results at just 58%.

I just want to say that this is not what I want and apologize for not being at the top of the green list as I was hoping to be!!

Thank you very much fore the prize book and the time you spent with us.  I hope we will see you again soon.

Please do not bin this email address... I enjoy your emails.

I certainly miss your tech 2 lectures, you can talk to people man and I always liked your style!!

2 years later: I wish to see you at LSBU at some point in the future.  I miss your lectures

As usual you are my best reference for some of my work.

Thanks a million for your help and really wish you all the best life can give you, you deserve it!!

Have a fantastic week

John Kennedy Full time Part 1 Year 2:

In response to your recent emails can I first say that no apology is necessary for the lecture on Friday, we all have off days and the mood of some of us is not down to you just inattentive pupils.

On behalf of myself and all of the second year students I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and for your honest and open approach to the problems that have arisen.

I hope that all will be well and you have triggered an ethos and attitude within us and it will be cultivated over the coming years by the school and ourselves.

Ms Iwona Dorau Full time Part 1 Year 2:

I should also say all of your lectures are so interesting, that nobody should not miss any of them. I wonder, why do they do it?  I do appreciate your way of teaching us, students. I have learnt a lot, so far - especially jargon busting in architecture environment.  I hope to learn much more.

Thank you for your last e-mail. You always know, how to treat people, especially your students.

I am very grateful for all your quick replies to my queries and opinions.

Andrea Benedettini Full time Part 1 Year 2:

Looking forward to your next class.

Peggy Le Cren Full time Part 1 Year 2:

I am sorry to hear you are leaving us I have learnt a lot from you

Bethlehem Tewoldemedhin Full time Part 1 Year 2:

It was really good having you during the first semester and we hope to seeing you in the coming months or year.

Thanks for being a very kind and a very friendly teacher.  God bless you for that forever.

Trevor Taw Full time Part 1 Year 2:


By the way, I think the Jargon Buster exercise is a fantastic idea, its a great way of getting us to actively learn a piece of knowledge (however small).  The amount of green techniques/materials out there is obviously vast and when you're faced with that as a student it can be difficult to know where/how to start expanding your knowledge. The list you provided is also a great help as you're able to pick something that you are interested in and maybe want to use in your project work.

That’s my 2p anyway.

I consider your input at least as useful (probably more interesting) as any other of our tutors/lectures. I like to think of myself as a fairly good example of (moving towards at least) a green lifestyle, but I think you've inspired some and maybe even converted a few with the lecture series thus far.  In this day and age, surely no education program should be without some kind of green lecture series, the knowledge and awareness raised is so valuable and, as bad as it sounds, without this kind of exposure it's often the case that caring for the environment just sits at the back of the mind pretty redundantly.

Ahmed Youssef Full time Part 1 Year 2:

I would like to thank you Brian for everything you've done with us.

Your class was lovely and I really enjoyed your lectures so much.

It was of great help and it made me know loads I had no idea of before.

I hope that my future in my career becomes as bright as yours.

It'll be great if you can keep sending me all your emails, conferences, exhibitions, talks, and all those stuff which you send us.  It's great to be able to go to whatever I can.

Thank you again Brian, and I'll personally really miss your class.

You're a highly respectful man, so I guess, everyone has to respect you back.

Miguel A Sanchez Part time Part 1 Year 3:

Thanks for the superb quality of your lectures.

Ali Javadian Part time Part 1 Year 3:

Thanks for your responsibility and your kindness to give us more time to update our missed tasks.

This is a grate opportunity for me to have a lecturer like you to not just learning from your knowledge but also from your character.  I really concerned that you are a much organised person and try to encourage us not just as an Architect but as a human, not just think about our self, think about our planet and all the people live in different part of this world and work together to have Green World.

This is why I am trying to be organised and learn more from you.

At the end I want to say I really wish you stay with us and continue for next semester and following years because you are wonderful person and excellent lecturer.

For me you are a good example of professional Architect with high knowledge and responsibility of nature and human being.

You open new door to me for Green Design and Green Building and be a Green person and I want to follow this way for my future.

Eddie Godden Part time Part 1 Year 3 (joined course late):

Thanks for you efforts in bringing me up to speed, much appreciated.

I thought the lecture was excellent on Friday; its good to have some technical based lectures and work to get my teeth into, particularly from an environmental angle, so it's definitely worth the trip.

Thanks Brian also for the excellent series of lectures you gave us...really worthwhile.

Your efforts with regards to improving the standard of education is hugely appreciated as well.

Sarah Farmer Part time Part 1 Year 3:

Thank you for the scores.  I missed Friday because of a back problem so I am really sorry I missed your last lecture.

I wanted to thank you for this term, and say that I think it is a real shame that we don't get proper technology lectures with you in smaller classes because the information and knowledge you have is incredible, and I don't think there can be any doubt that, as a group of prospective architects, we definitely need more tuition in this area before we are let loose.

I am still utterly shocked that we were in a class of that size (especially when you think that we all pay for our modules) both for our sake, in that it is not a great way to learn a subject, and for your sake, because who should have to mark the work of 60-80 odd students!?!

Anyway, I hope that you can feel relieved at having us out of your hair, I think what you have done with us has been a mammoth task and I hope it hasn't been a waste of your time altogether.

I hope that we see you again soon.

I just wanted to say thank you for you responses and for begin so proactive on our behalf.

We have no communication from the college apart from a results sheet and, I think I could speak for all of us, your responses are a reassurance that somebody out there cares.

I wish I could say this is all a shock.. but it isn't.

Richard Crane Part time Part 1 Year 3:

Sorry to hear that you are no longer going to be lecturing our group, your environmental slant on technology is I believe most invaluable, so I personally will be sorry to see you leave.

Nice speaking to you and good news that you are now teaching again at South Bank, they need someone like you and thank you for agreeing to look at my project.…….. Any Ideas or pointers would be truly appreciated.

Thank you for your very complimentary comments. I'm very flattered and encouraged. Thank you also for so much info and so many ideas to follow up on.

Thanks for taking the time to impart your knowledge. Hopefully we can catch up some time

Cleo Ibberson Part time Part 1 Year 3 (joined course not knowing if she would aim to become an architect):

I for one would like to say that you are obviously very knowledgeable, and it would be great to feel that we were benefiting from that knowledge more than I feel we are.

Maybe ….. it would be more valuable to the majority to be inspired by your expertise and passion for your subject.

Mary Moran Part time Part 1 Year 3:

I hope to see your future involvement in the course.

Thanks for the book prize, I've started leafing through!  The last time I won anything for academic achievement was when I was 8 and won the Ladybird book 'Rumpelstiltskin' for spelling.

Doubtless we'll be seeing you again at another training session somewhere.

We realized you had knowledge on construction and environment but were pleasantly surprised that you also had lots to say on design issues too.

Karla Fox Part time Part 1 Year 3:

Thank you for finding out and letting us know, much appreciated. I fear that if we hadn’t questioned you and you hadn’t cared enough to make the effort we would not have been told any of this and subsequently would’ve wrongfully failed.

Karla Fox Interior Design degree:

I don’t know if you will remember us having a little chat around this time last year. I was contemplating leaving the part time Architecture degree at South Bank and transferring onto an Interior Design degree.  Your advice helped my decision and I did leave South Bank and I am enjoying studying Interior Design in Southampton.  So again, thank you.

I also wanted to let you know that the GreenSpec website is highly recommended by the tutors at Southampton Solent University and some use it a resource for lecture material.

Steve Bickell College of Estate Management Reading University:

Following the success of the Sustainability and the Built Environment workshop, I would like to personally thank you for presenting and participating in this event. 

I have received very positive feedback from the attendees and I look forward to working together in the future. 

Michael Herrmann, Senior Lecturer in Sustainability, Kingston University School of Architecture & Landscape:

The GreenSpec web resource is quite amazing - I think I'd come across it before, but not taken the time to delve in deep.

I'll also bear your services & CPD syllabus in mind as I work out whether we can effectively deliver all the content of the 'new, improved' undergrad architecture & landscape architecture curriculum.  However we manage it, it'd be wonderful to have you along at some point - I'll discuss possibilities with colleagues as and when the opportunity arises. 

Neil Cowdrey responsible for setting up eco construction course, Weymouth College, Construction Department:

Hi Brian, you’re just the man I needed to talk to, just from our short chat, I know you are very passionate and knowledgeable about the green subject, I can see you being a great inspiration for me and others.

It would be great to get you involved in the new courses, ideas, lectures and workshops that I plan to set up.

It would be good to meet up at some point and have a proper chat.

Wendy Colvin, Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader, PGCert Professional Practice & Management in Architecture

School of Planning and Architecture University of the West of England, Bristol:

Thank you for your lively talk last Wednesday.  The students have given very positive feedback about the afternoon session, so, too, our guest from RIBA.

On Friday, we had a Visiting Board from the RIBA, who will be recommending Candidate Status for Part 3.  This is good news, and moves us one step closer to a fully accredited course!

Laura Kuhakoski/Student Full Time 1 LSBU 2010:

I'm really enjoying your lectures.  Very exciting things and times!  Thank You.  So much.

Elvis Philip Student LSBU 2010:

Thanks for your lecture on last Friday in South Bank Uni. It was very educational and enjoyable.

Fabio Palvelli Student LSBU 2009 corresponding in 2011:

Hopefully still your favourite ECOLOGICAL architecture student

Hope life is good and that people are starting to see thing a bit greener!

I am studying my master in building science in Vienna and I am blessed that we did those lecture on green building already together!

BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th December 2012 - 27th January 2013

Venue, Course, Subjects:


(Kingston Uni)


(Sheffield Hallam Uni)


(Cardiff Uni)


(South Bank Uni)

Technology & Environment 2

Delivered to Full time year 2 and Part time year 3

12 lecture/workshop series:

Materials, Construction & Services: Domestic & Medium sized Buildings 

Domestic and small buildings:

Homework: create and present PowerPoint files:


(South Bank Uni)


(South Bank Uni)


Technology & Environment 2

Delivered to Full time year 2 and Part time year 3

2-4 lecture/workshop series:

Grown to 12 lecture/workshop series


Medium sized buildings:

  • Site Survey
  • Soil Investigation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Site Clearance, Topsoil, Subsoil, Soil Stabilisation, Consolidation, Soil Remediation,
  • Foundation types, Eco-concrete, Rock piling, Buried buildings, Floating buildings,
  • Ground floor, Insulation, Inter-seasonal Thermal storage, DPM, GPM, below ground services.
  • External Walls: Timber, Masonry, others
  • Internal partitions
  • Upper floors
  • Flat roofs
  • Pitched Roofs
  • Green Roofs



Training Module: Green Specification

© NGS GBE BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
16th December 2012 - 25th February 2015