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#1773: 22/05/2015: TGR Steering Group Meeting in Bristol

Dropping students work off at LSBU on the way GBE 3D View on the way ready for Vision London presentation
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772 Co-Housing project in Cambridge

Co-Housing Project in Cambridge

Architect: CAR Ltd.

Client: Co-Housing Group

Site: Orchard park, Cambridge

Scope: 34-40 dwellings, 1B, 2B & 4B housing with 2B housing adaptable to growing family needs,

Invited to be part of project if it goes ahead:

Run seminars to educate the clients to enable informed decision making

Prepare Employers Requirements for the Developer on a Design & Build procurement process.

Introduced TGR & 8 Associates as a potential partner in the education process.


BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
29th January 2013 - 27th April 2013