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CIP’s Construction Environmental Manual

CIP’s Construction Environmental Manual

I was not familiar with the CIP’s Construction Environmental Manual.

it is a book which provides construction site professionals with information to help them comply with sustainability legislation and improve the way in which their environmental issues are managed on-site.   

I was contacted, hoping to gather together some feedback on whether this publication could be successfully adapted to appeal to architects and designers and if so, how much work that might entail and how large the market might be.

The CIP have recently published a 2013 edition of the manual, RIBA Publishing wondered if NGS would take a look at the content and let us know any thoughts on what would need to be added/omitted/amended to make the publication appealing to the target audience, and ultimately whether NGS think this publication is the right starting point for such a project at all.

RIBA Publihing would ideally like to receive feedback within four weeks, and would be able to offer NGS a complimentary RIBA publication as reimbursement for your time.

I’ve attached a rough form that you could use to structure your feedback, but don’t feel that it’s essential – whatever works best for you.

Commissioning Editor at RIBA Publishing

Feedback extract:

There are 444 pages, the review was carried out in one day by skim reading and focussing on issues that NGS has know-how, identifying missing information and potential areas of improvement and reporting these against 10 questions over 3 pages.

We have come a long way since 1999 when I was asked to speak about which legislation impacts on Environmental issue, there was so little then.

This is an incredibly piece of work with extremes in levels of comprehension

Waste chapter 11 is incredibly detailed and necessarily so to keep up to date with developments since 2004.

The Design section 4 is incredibly thin it could be improved or referred to other books and websites on the various subjects

The materials section 9 is legislation and Government-funded initiative driven and misses the point about green materials, low carbon materials, healthy materials, low impact materials, low toxicity, and bio-based materials.

There is no criticism of existing tools.

I have added 70+ yellow stickers in the proof highlighting issues (some repeat and are not flagged) that could be addressed; some need to be addressed for the current issue.

24th August 2013 

© BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
22nd August 2013 - 25th August 2013


CIP’s Construction Environmental Manual

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Fig. 3.          

1st of 3 page review carried out in one day

© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
22nd August 2013 - 29th April 2014


CIP’s Construction Environmental Manual
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© NGS BrianSpecMan aka Brian Murphy
22nd August 2013 - 29th April 2014